Advice About College from Low-Income and First-Generation Students.PDF
This 8-page booklet is a PDF version of this website. We believe it should have a place in school guidance offices and afterschool and summer programs that want to support their youth’s college dreams.
Student Glossary of College Application Terms.PDF
The college application process is filled with special terms, forms, deadlines, requirements, standardized tests, college searches and visits—and more. This glossary covers terms in relation to:  (1) Applying; (2) College entrance exams;(4) Types of institutions; (3) College acceptance terms (4) Some college lingo; (5) Types of post-secondary degrees. We’ve created a separate section for the financial aid process.
College Terms for Parents (Spanish).PDF | College Terms for Parents (English).PDF
If the college application process is daunting for students, it can be even more daunting for parents, especially if they have no college experience themselves. This glossary covers the following areas: (1) Types of post-secondary institutions; (2) High school courses and grades for college; (3) Admission tests; (4) College application vocabulary; (5) The “College Search”; (6) College cost vocabulary; (7) Paying for college (financial Aad); (8) Some campus vocabulary; and (9) Types of post-secondary degrees.
Hear Us Out_Students Talk About Going to College.PDF 
In 2010, WKCD trained and supported 24 youth researchers in nine high schools in two cities (Chattanooga and Seattle) to survey their peers about the help they were—or were not—getting on the path to college. Close to 5,000 students completed the student researchers’ survey and another 225 participated in focus groups and interviews. The students also surveyed counselors at their schools. The results were stunning. This report summarizes the data student researchers collected and the focus group and interview comments.

College Matters_A Short Guide for Youth Advocates.PDF
In our “Hear Us Out” project, youth spoke passionately about the challenges they faced gathering the support they need for college. As these youth looked around for places where they could get help, they talked about youth-serving organizations in the community as a potential source for the support they cannot get at school or at home. In response, we’ve put together this 12-page guide, College Matters, for organizations that work directly with teenage youth afterschool or in the summer and want to help them put and keep college in sight.

Planning Checklists
Grade 9 Checklist.PDF      Grade 10 Checklist.PDF       
Grade 11 Checklist.PDF    Grade 12 Checklist.PDF

Stoking students’ college motivation: Inspiring quotes and books.PDF

There are many downloadable publications about college, each with strengths and weaknesses (from our point of view). Some, for example, are more targeted at higher-income students; some are state-specific (e.g., about the “A-G” pathway in California high schools).
A standout, for us, is a handbook prepared by Meredith College (a private women’s college in North Carolina). It covers just about everything, in an easy to follow format--and the advice is generic, and appropriate for low-income and first-generation students, even though there are references to Meredith. There’s also a version in Spanish.
Meredith College toolkit (English).PDF
Meredith College toolkit (Spanish).PDF
Consumer Reports recently published a complete college-going guide in English and Spanish.
Find the Best Colleges for You.PDF
Encuentra La Mejor Universidad Para Ti.PDF
A few articles
Advising Undocumented Students.PDF
College Cost Scorecard (USDOE).PDF
Why Algebra Is So Important.PDF
Why GPA Matters When It Comes to Athletic Scholarships.PDF

Other handbooks in Spanish

Destino Universitario.PDF (Hispanic Scholarship Fund)

Guia Para Padres.PDF (Associated Colleges of the Midwest)

Manual KnowHow2GO.PDF (Planeación universitaria y profesional para estudiantes en los grados 8, 9 y 10)
Preparate Para La Universidad.PDF (TERI)
Si Se Puede.PDF (Minnesota Office of Higher Education)

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