About us

Based in Providence, R.I., What Kids Can Do (WKCD) is a national nonprofit founded in 2001 by an educator and journalist with more than 70 years’ combined experience supporting adolescent learning in and out of school.

Using the Internet, print, and broadcast media, WKCD presses before the broadest audience possible a dual message: the power of what young people can accomplish when given the opportunities and supports they need and what they can contribute when we take their voices and ideas seriously.

Although our work spans many fields, we have a deep commitment to college access and success for low-income students.

We’ve talked to thousands of high school students about their college plans, produced a range of books and media for first-generation students, and presented workshops nationwide to educators, college advisors, and out-of-school allies whose job it is to help these students.

In 2010, we recruited and trained 25 student researchers in Tennessee and Washington state as part of our “Hear Us Out” project. The student researchers asked their peers about the college supports they were (or were not) receiving, in and outside school. Almost 5,000 students completed the written survey and another 225 students joined student-led focus groups and interviews.

We invite you to explore and download the materials we present here. Use these handouts, videos, and books with students who seek to put and keep college in their sites.

And we welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions! Please write us at

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